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Bots are smart, and intent on causing damage. We’re smarter.

Bot traffic makes up over 50% of web traffic, but what is it all doing when it isn’t ranking for search engines or translating?

When sophisticated bot attacks can be bought illegally for just pounds a day, the threats come thick and fast.

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Data Theft

Breaches cost over £160k to fix¹, and put you at risk of GDPR, California Privacy Rights Act violations and more. Not to mention losing customers’ hard-earned trust.
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Reputation Damage

64% of consumers prefer not to use businesses that have suffered a breach², and 60% of SMEs go out of business within 6 months of a breach or attack¹.
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Uninsurable Consequences

Surges in bot attacks during 2022 led to insurance companies to begin removing cyber attacks from their coverage. If it’s too risky for them, it’s too risky for you.


Targeted bot attacks on your payment and inventory systems compromise your ability to do business safely and accurately manage inventory.

¹ UK National Cyber Security Centre
² Experian

Nobody else does web threat protection like we do. And it keeps you safer.

Existing bot attack solutions struggle with the same two issues: too many false positives or being too easily circumvented. At Veracity, we’re specialists in bot detection and attack prevention, it’s not simply an add-on.

We take your security so seriously that it’s all we do.

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AI-Powered Detection
Bots work hard to appear human, which is why they fool so many solutions. Our patented, AI-powered technology detects Automated Bot Attacks and Supply Chain Attacks (OWASP class 7-10 and 12-13) accurately, quickly and before they can cause you damage.
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5-Minute Deployment
Making your business safe shouldn’t take more time and money than you can afford, which is why Veracity Web Threat Protection only requires a single script, and doesn’t interfere with existing DDoS or WAF solutions. We want to get this technology to as many people as possible  — as easily as possible. Want to see what we can do? Try our free tier.
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Reporting That Isn’t Fluff
Traffic numbers have been inflated by bots for years, but who wants to reveal that numbers went down? Many stakeholders don’t, but we do. Inaccurate data wastes your money and makes your strategy less effective. Veracity Web Threat Protection’s comprehensive reporting dashboard gives you the accuracy you need to grow.
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A Better User Experience
When you remove bot traffic, legitimate users get a faster, smoother and more satisfying experience with your business. And if anything threatens to disrupt that, Veracity Web Threat Protection will send you instant notifications to mitigate any future risks.

Veracity Web Protection makes life easier for thousands of people in roles you might not expect. Here’s how.

Small Business

Small businesses work harder than anyone else to build reputation and deliver high levels of service — with limited time and budget. But a single bot attack can cost you your hard-earned reputation, or your entire business. Veracity Web Threat Protection keeps your business safe, reduces wasted spend, improves customer experiences and gives you accurate information to grow. Better still, the free tier can be set up in just five minutes.

Digital Marketing Agency

When you’re managing data and performance for clients, inaccurate information makes everyone look bad. Even if the bot-inflated numbers look good, they put your insights and strategy at risk, as well as your content and reputation. Veracity makes it easy to manage, report on and monitor activity for multiple clients as an addition to their service package. More accurate insight, more value to the client and more revenue? Try our free tier and see what you’re missing.


The bigger the data you’re working with, the more crucial it is to have accuracy. Veracity’s reporting dashboard gives you the tools and clean data you need to find your next opportunity to improve revenue, track ROI and plan future investment. Got an expansive digital estate? Veracity can manage all the web properties in your portfolio in a single dashboard, so your reputation, growth and insight is always protected.

Enterprise Data Analysis

When it’s your job to maintain and improve web performance, you need solutions that work together seamlessly, and accurate data that lets you plan for the future. Veracity Web Threat Protection works effortlessly alongside your existing security stack, and provides deep reporting insight into your system’s true performance. No more hunches, just transparent, real data.

A cyber attack is utterly deadly. With Veracity’s Web Threat Protection in place, we feel much more secure.

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The bot threat may be universal, but your needs aren’t. We offer flexible pricing tiers to make sure you get the things you need.

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Next generation of bot detection and website protection

Veracity Threat Protection stacks seamlessly with your DDoS and WAF solutions. This is because it’s an essential, specialised answer to malicious bot activity. Not an add-on. Not an afterthought.

Founded in 2016, we’re the bot defence experts — read on to find out just why you can trust us with your business’s reputation.