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Data theft from bot attacks costs £130K on average. Veracity doesn’t.

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Existing bot attack solutions struggle with the same two issues: too many false positives or being too easily circumvented. At Veracity, we’re specialists in bot detection and attack prevention, it’s not simply an add-on.

We take your security so seriously that it’s all we do.

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AI-Powered Detection
Bots work hard to appear human, which is why they fool so many solutions. Our patented, AI-powered technology detects Automated Bot Attacks and Supply Chain Attacks (OWASP class 7-10 and 12-13) accurately, quickly and before they can cause you damage.
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5-Minute Deployment
Making your business safe shouldn’t take more time and money than you can afford, which is why Veracity Web Threat Protection only requires a single script, and doesn’t interfere with existing DDoS or WAF solutions. We want to get this technology to as many people as possible  — as easily as possible. Want to see what we can do? Try our free tier.
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Reporting That Isn’t Fluff
Traffic numbers have been inflated by bots for years, but who wants to reveal that numbers went down? Many stakeholders don’t, but we do. Inaccurate data wastes your money and makes your strategy less effective. Veracity Web Threat Protection’s comprehensive reporting dashboard gives you the accuracy you need to grow.
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A Better User Experience
When you remove bot traffic, legitimate users get a faster, smoother and more satisfying experience with your business. And if anything threatens to disrupt that, Veracity Web Threat Protection will send you instant notifications to mitigate any future risks.


Can I get real-time notifications?

They’re both at your fingertips on the Web Threat Protection dashboard.

What’s a false positive?

A false positive is when a bot detection engine, such as ours, flags a human user as a bot due to unusual or suspicious behaviours. False positives have been a real problem for other bot-identification products, but our patented, AI-powered solution has reduced this dramatically.

Will ‘good’ bots, like Google, be blocked?

Legitimate bots have nothing to hide. Which means they arrive with transparent origins and credentials. So you don’t have to worry about your rankings being impacted when you block malicious bots — the good ones get through unhindered.

What can malicious bots really do?

Bot attacks can have wide-ranging goals. From scraping your content to create duplicate sites to trick customers, to attempting to break into your site to steal data or access connected systems. When your customer data, financial data and company reputation are at risk, it makes sense to close the door.

How do you detect bots?

We know how human visitors are likely to behave — and where they’re likely to come from. By capturing a full spectrum of activity on your website, from location to navigation habits, our AI-powered verification can accurately combine a large number of data points to assess whether or not we’re dealing with a bot. Better still, the longer we’re protecting your site, the more we’ll understand your typical visitor profile, and accuracy will actually increase even further.

What happens if a human visitor is incorrectly identified as a bot?

Though rare with Veracity, false positive can happen. Fortunately, we’re built to be a problem for bots and a breeze for real humans. A simple Captcha verification will filter out those fringe cases and send actual visitors right through. Our Captcha implementation is the most effective way to handle this step and maintain a great user experience.

Bots evolve quickly. How often is your detection updated?

When machine learning is being used to develop smarter and smarter bots, an AI-powered response is absolutely necessary. It means that we’re prepared for attacks that haven’t even been developed yet. We refine our products daily and, as a service, you’ll always automatically be up to date.

Can customers contribute to product improvement?

Our active community of users can be found at It’s an excellent place to both find support and make suggestions for the product’s future. Periodically we hold customer workshops to give you a direct route to feed back on your experience, and you’ll also hear about those in our forums.

You mention adding Veracity Web Threat Protection as an additional security layer. Which other precautions would you recommend to protect a company website?

Keeping on top of website security couldn’t be more important. Here are a few measures that will give you peace of mind and help you focus on your business’s future: Choose a reputable hosting provider with comprehensive firewalls to protect you from basic forms of attack. Your web security stack should include a web application firewall, DDoS protection and redundancy in case anything goes wrong. Keep your website platform up to date with software and security patches to close loopholes and eliminate exploits. Make sure Multi-factor authentication (2FA/MFA) is enabled anywhere sensitive data can be accessed.

Next generation of bot detection and website protection

Veracity Threat Protection stacks seamlessly with your DDoS and WAF solutions. This is because it’s an essential, specialised answer to malicious bot activity. Not an add-on. Not an afterthought.

Founded in 2016, we’re the bot defence experts — read on to find out just why you can trust us with your business’s reputation.